Chewing Gum Removal Edinburgh

We are an Adept Window Cleaning Ltd an Edinburgh based window cleaning company and we were asked by some of our clients @AWC to undertake cleaning of external areas, Such as steps, paved areas and footpaths. We agreed and bought a powerful power washer.

Although the areas were very clean we could not remove the littered chewing gum, This was the beginning of Chewing Gum Removal Edinburgh.

We now offer cost effective quiet and non disruptive removal of chewing gum from your business premises both externally and internally. Alternatives available to deal with chewing gum litter are noisy, it also involves large volumes of water and lots of hoses and pipes.

Our service has no cables, hoses or generators.

Safe, Ecological, Quieter than other methods

We remove littered chewing gum quietly and quickly. So, is there littered chewing gum on walkways or pavements outside your business or on entrance mats?

This can make your business look dirty and un-kept which can also have a negative impact on peoples perception of your business.

Littered chewing gum makes your business premises look unsightly and it does not encourage service users to take care of your premises and will lead to further littering.

Because chewing gum can not be removed using traditional cleaning methods. We use the latest environmentally friendly technology to remove chewing gum.

We provide a fast, quiet service throughout Edinburgh to remove chewing gum
footpaths, pavements, bricks, concrete or tiled floors with minimal disruption both to you and all your customers.